Professional Dental Hygiene

Pediatric Dentistry East LA


  • Studies have shown that good oral health can reduce the risk of serious diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

How It Works

Pediatric Dentistry East LA

Expert Care for a Healthier Smile Now

During your child’s visit, our comprehensive examination will include:

  • Child’s Oral Health

Maintaining Your Child’s Oral Health

Frequently Asked Questions

Pediatric Dentistry East LA

We recommend a visit every six months for a routine checkup and cleaning. However, if your child has specific concerns or conditions, more frequent visits may be necessary.

Contact us immediately. We offer emergency appointments and will do our best to see your child as soon as possible.

Yes, dental X-rays are a safe and vital tool that helps us diagnose underlying issues that can’t be seen during a regular dental exam.

We offer various treatments to improve the brightness of your child’s smile, including professional teeth whitening and advice on avoiding stain-causing foods and drinks.